Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Possibilities for the InStove Water Pasteurizer in Juba, South Sudan

“Life must be more than a survival. I came to the US because of War. We need to create sustainability. Your water technology component is very interesting the stove component is also very important” these were the first words by Vincent Olweny Oywak, A national of South Sudan when he visited InStove on August 19, 2014 accompanied by his young son, Kevin.

Vincent first heard about InStove from the President of SeaChar.org, Mr. Art Donnelly. Vincent then met with Fred Colgan at ETHOS conference in Seattle in January 2014. He was very interested in InStove products but specifically the water pasteurizer. Vincent visited the InStove office & facility in Cottage Grove in February 2014 and has been exploring possibilities for partnership with InStove since then.

Vincent Oywak (right) with Fred Colgan next to the InStove water pasteurizer

Vincent Oywak’s Work in South Sudan

Vincent Oywak has 9 years of professional experience in Banking in Canada & the United States. He founded the Microfinance Association of South Sudan (MASS) which he served as chairman. He is also a board member of the South Sudan business Forum (SSBF). In February 2013 Vincent started working as the Deputy Team Leader for the South Sudan Agribusiness Development Programme (SSADP).
But most importantly, Vincent is the entrepreneur behind Metro Water Service in Juba, South Sudan, an organization he started to provide clean drinking water to local communities in South Sudan where many people get their water, untreated, from the Nile River.

South Sudan is the youngest country in the Horn of Africa and was created following a devastating civil war that led to the partition of South into two countries: Sudan and South Sudan.

According to Vincent, political instability and the lack of basic infrastructures are the main challenges to the development of South Sudan. Over 90 percent of the people in South Sudan live in rural areas; there is no electricity grid. While those who can afford to use generators, the rest use wood and charcoal for cooking.

Vincent Oywak asking Fred about briquette

Developing a Partnership: How InStove Could Help South Sudan

“Partnering with InStove will allow us to harness the water purification and clean cook stove technologies.” said Vincent. “InStove stoves have already been used in South Sudan with high satisfaction rate; this time we will use the water purification/pasteurization system to improve portable water quality.”
This is a technology that can help the vast majority of the people in rural Africa, so we need to be able to publicize the technologies offered by InStove.
Vincent proudly pointing at the flag of South Sudan