Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An Opportunity for Local Support from Local Angels

Adam Creighton Reporting

The response that InStove has received from our Huffington Post debut is nothing short of extraordinary, and yet, we've been granted another amazing opportunity.

InStove Manufacturing Ltd. was recently selected as a finalist in the Southern Oregon Angel Conference held in Jacksonville on April 30th. At this event, one Oregon-based start-up will be selected as the winner, and be eligible to receive a large first-round investment from the Southern Oregon Angel Investor Network.

InStove Manufacturing Ltd. will be up against four other companies including: Fire Cirkl, Home School Technical Apparel, Nouvola, and Rogue Rovers.

InStove Manufacturing Ltd. attracts working capital
 and manages the production of our technologies, 
like the Institutional Cookstoves!
InStove Manufacturing Ltd. is a for-profit organization founded by Institutional Stove Solutions (InStove) to manage the production of our technologies. The idea follows the non-profit sector best practice of licensing technologies to be produced by associated for-profit entities. This allows the for-profit organization to attract working capital and scale up to meet demand in ways not available to the nonprofit.

InStove Manufacturing Ltd.'s selection as a finalist follows our win at the Portland Social Venture Society's "Fast Pitch" competition in February, where we took first place.