Monday, June 24, 2013

InStove in South Sudan

One of the villages in South Sudan benefiting from our stoves.
Stella Strother-Blood Reporting

Fifty stoves have been delivered to schools in South Sudan, a country formed two years ago in the wake of ethnic violence, through the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP). Last week, InStove’s executive director Fred Colgan was in schools to teach cooks how to install and use the stoves. UNWFP representatives and cooks alike were very pleased with the stoves’ performance and ease of use!

His first demonstration was in the city of Juba at Dr. John Garang Secondary School. Many of the cooks were very excited by the speed of cooking, lack of smoke, and how the hot fire was well away from their legs and feet compared to their normal cooking techniques.

A traditional cookstove. 
Fred recounts one of his experiences: “On my way to demonstrate one of our stoves, I walked by a kitchen. Cooks were starting to boil pots of water with traditional methods – three stones to hold the pot above the dirt and big chunks of wood to keep the fire going. Then, in a separate area, I showed how our stove works and started to cook the same meal. A cook came to see what I was doing and was so surprised that our food was finished cooking before their pots of water had even started boiling!”
One young girl about to enjoy food from our stove.

In Rumbek at Rumbek Girls Primary School, the cooks were so happy with the stoves that they almost immediately took over all aspects of operating the stove after one of Fred’s demonstrations– lighting the kindling, tending the fire, and filling the pot with water. One woman even pulled up a chair to the front of the stove, sat down with a smile, and said, “We could cook on this stove and sit down and relax a bit at the same time.”

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our New Website is Live!

The front page of our site at

Stella Strother-Blood Reporting

After months of input and hard work from our community of donors, volunteers, and staff, our new website is live!

This effort has been led by Dennis Hartley, InStove team member, and Will Alkin of Web Design 5 Cents. InStove has grown tremendously in the last year, and the new website design captures the energy of our ongoing development! 

We invite you to peruse our new website, especially the links to our in-country programs and new technologies. We hope this new platform demonstrates our work in a more graphically-appealing way, and that you will help us to refine our message and presentation. 

All feedback on our new website is welcome, and we thank you for being part of our community!