Thursday, March 14, 2013

Damon Ogle, Co-founder

See Damon's full profile on our website under "Our Team". Without Damon Ogle, there wouldn't be an InStove!

Damon is the primary design engineer for our institutional stove technology. Not resting on his laurels, he has continued to advance our mission by developing the 100 liter stove (now entering production) with Dave Lentz, improving the biomass briquette press, and bringing the InStove water pasteurization system to the final design and testing stages. 

This brings Damon full-circle. He originally came to Aprovecho as a volunteer to learn more about, and implement, water systems, before "falling in love" with the stove lab and their work improving efficiency and reducing harmful stove emissions.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Is cooking truly dangerous?

Nicole Shearer Reporting 

Cooking is a central activity among families, but imagine cooking in a small room packed with smoke equivalent to that of three packs of cigarettes – each day. This is the reality that women and children throughout the developing world face when using the traditional three stone fire cooking method. This cooking method causes two million premature deaths annually, primarily affecting women and children. In the developing world, cooking is one of the most dangerous activities for women, and they do it every day. Smoke inhalation can lead to pneumonia, lung cancer, heart disease, and death.

At InStove, we have created a stove that cuts these deadly emissions by 90%, leaving women and children to breathe in much cleaner air while cooking. Not only that, but our stove saves 70 to 90% of fuel when in use. For women living in conflict zones or refugee camps, the hours spent gathering fuel make women vulnerable to gender-based violence, such as rape. At InStove, we work with the community to ensure that the stove is practical in the field and within the practices of their cooking culture.

We are an Oregon non-profit with an international heart, looking to improve the lives of millions with our institutional clean cookstoves. When you donate to our cause, you can be assured that you have helped a community to breathe easier. Please consider donating in the name of a woman in your life in honor of International Women’s Day (March 8th).