Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Work in Darfur

Olya Surits reporting

News of the troubling conditions in Sudan's region of Darfur have not been commanding news headlines as they once did in 2004, but the decrease of their presence in the media is certainly not a signal of recovery. Darfur is still facing a crisis of extreme political instability, and hardship has become the daily reality for hundreds. The number of displaced people now makes up a third of Darfur's population, and this week we wanted to highlight our organization's effort in alleviating at least one hardship in these people's lives.

Since the first delivery of 200 stoves to IDP (internally displaced people) camps, InStove has helped feed 80,000 children daily in school feeding programs. In the following video our co-founder and executive director, Fred Colgan, speaks about his trip to Darfur last December and how the presence of InStove has since affected the lives of refugees.

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Workshop!

Our organization is looking forward to an exciting move beginning in October. We’ve outgrown our old workshop and have found a larger space about two miles south of our Cottage Grove office that better suits our needs. Our shop manager, Dave Lentz, was the one that found the new space, which is “big enough for material handling, has enough dry areas to house shipping containers for our ‘Factory in a Box’, and most importantly, there is access for large trucks to transport these big containers.” The new shop will host an important addition to our factory- a paint booth for the application of the beautiful green color that coats the Institutional Stoves. This state-of-the-art booth will be environmentally friendly with absolutely no emissions.

We're looking forward to reporting more news of expansion in our near future!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

We're Front Page News!

Those living in Eugene, Oregon might have seen the image of our stoves all around town on the cover of last week's Eugene Weekly Newspaper. Ted Shorack visited our site in Cottage Grove and wrote an informative and accurate article about our production, mission and the people involved at InStove.

This coverage of our organization gave us fantastic exposure in our surrounding community and we once again thank Eugene Weekly for bringing our stoves to the front and center of their publication.

Click to read Eugene Weekly's article about InStove!